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Shreveport PC House Calls LLC Data Privacy Policy


• What information do we collect?


Shreveport PC House Calls LLC collects customer/client registration information such as personal/business name, mailing address, email address, and phone number.


We Profile (Audit) and collect computer specification Information from each computer we service. This may

include, but is not limited to: Computer owner and registration information, computer and component serial

numbers, operating system product ID (PID) and installation key, original installation date, hardware technical

information, etc.


Shreveport PC House Calls LLC does not investigate, scrutinize, document, log, or otherwise collect any personal data or Information contained within any computer hard drive or storage device we service except when authorized by the customer/client to do so for data recovery and/or backup purposes.



• What do we use your information for?


The information that is gathered is for the sole purposes of:


•    Identifying a customer/client with their personal and/or business computer

•    Contacting a customer/client in the event additional information is needed

•    Contacting a customer/client after their computer is serviced

•    To maintain a record of individual computer specifications for future servicing reference

•    Operating system or software re-installation

•    In the event of theft from our service center

•    To improve customer/client services

•    To offer future services and/or products which may be of interest



• How does Shreveport PC House Calls LLC protect data and information?


Shreveport PC House Calls LLC uses a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information and computer data which may include, but is not limited to:  external storage devices, file/data encryption technology, secure internal/external databases, etc.



• Do we disclose your information to outside parties?


No!... Shreveport PC House Calls LLC will never sell, loan, offer for free, or otherwise share your personal or computer data with any other person, entity, company, authority, and/or agency without express written consent of the customer/client.



• Your consent to the collection and use of data


By initializing contact with and/or retaining Shreveport PC House Calls LLC for services, you give express implied consent to Shreveport PC House Calls LLC to collect personal and/or computer data and information mentioned in all sections of this policy.



• Changes to our policies


Although we reserve the right to change provisions in any of our company policies at any time without notification, Shreveport PC House Calls LLC's Information and Data Privacy Policy will remain in effect indefinitely.