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Printers and Plotters are the work horses of any office. Week after week they provide hundreds, if not thousands, of paper copies of your work. Keep your printer or plotter running flawlessly with regular maintenance.


Are you having problems that have caused your printer or plotter to stop working or noticed that print quality isn't what it should be? Give us a call and let Shreveport PC House Calls come to your site and diagnose the problem. We can make the needed repairs to get your office productive again.

Bad print Quality? Clicking or grinding noise coming from your printer? STOP! Don’t make it worse!

Production, Shipping, and Billing can all depend on your printers!

Label printers supply the labels to keep track of your inventory, ship goods to your customers, and keep productivity moving. Does your business use line matrix printers to print invoices or delivery orders? Don't let your business come to a sudden halt due to a broken printer. We can provide scheduled maintenance and cleaning services on your label and line matrix printers. Many unexpected problems can be avoided with regular care and cleaning, keeping your business moving. 

Trust your printer to the professionals!

Line Matrix and Label Printer Services

Printer and Plotter services that Shreveport PC House Calls provide: